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சங்கரனின் வைரக்கூடம் 12 - காலத்தின் கோலம்

Bhaja Govindam Sloka 12 - Tamil Podcast

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The Hindu Philosophy as understood by a common man expressed in English & Tamil with excerpts of commentaries from leading exponents
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Time and tide wait for no man is an old saying. The wheel of time is constantly moving ahead and waits for no one. The days are passing us by, one after another and the days that have gone by never return. We all know it, don’t we? However how do we do spend our time every day? We do not know how the whole day passes. We are desperate to wait for the week end, the month end, the year end and the holidays. This goes on and on and on that we do not even heed the passing of each year until suddenly the realisation of “What have I done” comes down like a thunder when the designated time ( Sloka 1 - samprapte sannihite kaale) arrives. Even at that time our desires don’t end. We stil have items to be ticked off in our bucket list.

This is what Adi Sankara brings out in this beautiful Sloka 12.

This Podcast is in Tamil

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