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சங்கரனின் வைரக்கூடம் - 10 காரணம் அறிவாய்

Bhaja Govindam Sloka 10 - Tamil Podcast

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The Hindu Philosophy as understood by a common man expressed in English & Tamil with excerpts of commentaries from leading exponents
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Adi Sankara, now takes two issues that are easily connected and understood by common man viz., lust and wealth and makes us understand that in our daily life,

  1. If there is no fruit, there is no relationship ; as long as there is fruit, there is relationship.

  2. Focusing on the effects won’t do any good as long as one doesn’t understand what the root cause is.

In four precise and concise sentences, Adi Sankara brings out clearly what today’s  professionals call “root cause analysis” or DISO (dig in and sort out). Where the cause has ended, the effects cannot continue; therefore it is worthless to pursue them and shouldn’t be our sole attention.

This podcast is an explanation for this Sloka in Tamil

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