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Vazhga valamudan. Such an introspection is required at one point of time for any person for self realisation. Lead kindly 'Light'

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This 'lost Patti' will be pleased to join you in your journey! Like yourself, I have just started on the path but for every step I take, I find helpful hints to take the next step from so many like you who have walked before me.

One small point : I too have recited 'Guru Sakshat Para Brahma' all my life. But recently, I heard a lecture by Vellukudi Krishnan swamigal who said that it should be 'param Brahma' so I have corrected myself.

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Welcome to the journey. Thank you for your valuable input.

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நாராயணா நாராயணா நாராயணா.

காலை வணக்கம். Its nice to see you are not lost in wilderness of being what you are and what is you.

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